• Retired Labrador Retrievers, Retired Labradors, Retired Labrador Retrievers Tacoma Lakewood Parkland - Circle B Ranch Eatonville Washington.

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  • Retired Labrador Retrievers, Retired Labradors, Retired Labrador Retrievers Tacoma Lakewood Parkland - Circle B Ranch Eatonville Washington.

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  • Retired Labrador Retrievers, Retired Labradors, Retired Labrador Retrievers Tacoma Lakewood Parkland - Circle B Ranch Eatonville Washington.

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    Washington State Breeders of Exceptional Dogs

  • LRetired Labrador Retrievers, Retired Labradors, Retired Labrador Retrievers Tacoma Lakewood Parkland - Circle B Ranch Eatonville Washington.

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    Washington State Breeders of Exceptional Dogs

Labrador Retrievers For Sale Tacoma Lakewood Parkland WA.
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Our Retired Family of Labrador Retrievers - Tacoma Lakewood Puyallup Parkland

Our dogs on this page are retired. Great companions.


Mavis is a Blue & white Brahma. A Brahma comes from breeding a bully with an Olde English Bulldogge, The bully is from an Olde English Bulldogge and a pitbull. Mavis is about 85 pounds. She is very sweet and loves to play. She has a great personality in which she passes to her pups. Her and Charger have made some awesome pups this last year. Now retired.

Meet Maserati (Mazi) is a black & white (Blue carrier) Olde English Bulldogge. She is about 80 pounds. She is very laid back but loves to play. She has a great personality and loves to retrieve....I know sounds like a lab. Her dad is the blue and white below. He weighs in at 90 pounds and his pictures don't due him justice he's absolutely amazing. She and Charger make awesome pups. Now retired.

Meet Denali - Nali is a blue fawn brindle Olde English Bulldogge. She is about 60 pounds. She is smaller, very athletic and loves to run and play. She has been a fun playfully addition to the pack. Yet when little kids are around she will lay down so they can pet and cuddle her. She & Charger have made some beautiful pups.

Roxy - (Retired)
Roxy is a black & white (Blue carrier) Olde English Bulldogge. She is about 75 pounds. She is very laid back but loves to play. She has a great personality and loves to retrieve the basket ball. Her & Blue make some absolutely amazing pups just look at Mazi. Watch for some amazing puppies in 2018.


Bailey - Retired (For Sale)
Meet Bailey. She is a gorgeous white female from Winnie & Remington. She has an excellent pedigree with hunting and family lines. She is our son Tyson's dog and loves to play with him anytime he is home. She produced some awesome pups but is now awaiting for her forever home.

Meet Berkley - She is a very beautiful smart Chocolate silver factored female from Tess & Whiskey. She loves to retrieve and play fetch. She is medium energy level and a cuddle bug.

Meet Campari. She is a beautiful black female out of Foxy & Jackson. She is only about 60 pounds. She has an exquisite personality loves to play and get cuddles. Her & Gunner produce some very nice Yellow, red and black pups. One of which is on the National Geographic's TV Series. Watch for many more amazing pups from this pairing.

Crown Royal
Royal is a silver factored chocolate female from Kahlua's last litter with Sir Drake of Just Labs. Royal will is a factor in continued superior Labradors like her sister Hennessy. She has a very gorgeous short stocky block style build weighing in at 65 pounds. Royal has a sweet loving personality that is sure to be transfer to her pups. Her pups are very large with a stocky look to them. The combination between Whiskey and her as well as Jager & her has produced a very nice stocky pups.

Foxy - Retired
Foxy is a gorgeous Red Fox Labrador. She has a very nice English style build. Her & Gunner produced some great pups in her time. She is very sweet and acclimated very nicely with the pack. We were sad to see her go but she is happy and spoiled with her new family. We did keep 2 of her pups Georgia Moon & Mouser to continue her Amazing lines. Watch for there pups to come in 2020.

Meet Harley- She is a beautiful dark chocolate female from Avion & Jackson. Harley has filled out to be awesome just like her parents. She will have her first litter in 2019 with Whiskey which we are super excited for.

Penelton (Peyton) she is a very sweet black female that carried the dilute gene. She can produce black, silver, charcoal and chocolate all in the same litter. We are excited to have her join our pack as she is very very sweet and extremely smart. She has her HRC Started title and a few other certifications. She is clear on all genetics and is OFA good.

Princess Zima - (For Sale)
Zima is a beautiful charcoal female weighting in at 60 pounds very stocky and petite. Zima has grown into an amazing girl, she is a very sweet and loving and loves to play ball when ever she can. She has produce some extremely nice pups with Jagermeister throughout her years. Some great smart hunting partners for lots of families. Her name fits her personality and well as her masters:)

Rain - Retired
Rain is out of Polly & Jackson. She is a gorgeous black female with great Circle B Labs blood lines. She is a little rambunctious at the moment do to lack of early training and play time at her last home, but steadily coming around to her new way of life. We were happy to find her and have decided to keep her and add her to our pack. She did produce some great quality pups with Whiskey, which you will be able to see with her there pup Remy whom will be having her first litter in 2019.

River is a beautiful Pointing black lab with impeccable blood lines and ability. She loves to hunt and is great at it or just bring her in the house and she cuddles right into you. River has great speed and control all in a small package of just 46 pounds. She has been an amazing new addition to our pack. She has produced some top quality pups from with Jagermiseter.

Skyy - Retired
Skyy is one of our gorgeous silver females. Her dam is Sara who has been proven to be an excellent mother and produces some amazing pups with Whiskey. Skyy joined the breeding program and has produced some excellent pups out of her and Whiskey. These pups tend to carry the longer legs and snout, with the amazing silver coat.

Supre Hero Luha
Luha is an amazingly beautiful charcoal female. She got her name after our very first Kahluha who has slept with my kids since day one. Luha has produce some beastly pups in her with Jager. She has turned out to be a nice size female weighing about 75 pounds. She is very energetic and wants to work. We are excited to see many pups to come from her and Jager or Whiskey.

Tess is our new Dark chocolate female. She is about 75 pounds of pure hunting drive. She is an amazing hunter, she will retrieve every bird every time and such a sweet love. Very well trained and strong headed female. She has produced awesome pups with both Jackson and Whiskey.

Meet Tikka, she is a very sweet, loving, beautiful dark chocolate female. Tikka has settled in nicely and loves to play ball. She has the nice big lab ears and paws. She makes some very nice puppies and is currently breeding to Jackson for some gorgeous chocolate pups.


Yukon "Jackson" Zane Miller
Jackson is our chocolate stud born 8/21/2009. Jackson is the son of Kahlua and Benelli. Jackson is built just like Benelli just bigger. He is 90 pounds of pure muscle. He has a very compact stocky block style build. Jackson loves to play and is a very competitive dog when it comes to retrieving. Jackson has been carrying on the superior qualities of Benelli and Kahlua in his breeding and has produced some amazing pups for hunting and family life. Jackson is no longer available to outside females.

Whiskey is a gorgeous Silver Labrador with amazing show lines. Whiskey's grandfather is "Silver Hill's Indian Chief" who is the only multi-titled silver Labrador. Whiskey is from a long line of championship show dogs and is producing some very nice high quality pups. He has over 400 pups on the ground so far and they are all very nice stocky square English gorgeous Labradors that are great hunting and family dogs. Whiskey dose tend to pass on his very sweet natured personality as well as his gorgeous color to his puppy. Whiskey is available for stud to OFA approved bitches for $2000.00 or pick of litter our decision.

Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale - Tacoma Lakewood Spanaway

Call Circle B Ranch at 253-732-4918 for more information. Be sure to visit our Latest Litters. One puppy will probably melt your heart.

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Here are some Labrador Retriever basics:

  • The Labrador Retriever was developed in England in the mid 1800s.
  • Labrador Retrievers are sporting dogs.
  • Besides hunting, Labs work as assistance dogs for people with disabilities, as search and rescue dogs.
  • Labs need to be brushed on a regular basis (about once a week) to keep them clean.
  • Since 1991, they have been the top registered dog with the AKC.
  • Most Labradors, show and field bred, make great hunters.
  • Although very protective, Labradors are generally not reliable guard dogs.
  • Labradors tend to be good with children.
  • Labradors love to swim. In general, they take to swimming quite naturally.
  • Labradors used to come in three colors: black, chocolate, and yellow, but now breeders have introduced silver, charcoal, red fox, and white labs due to a dilute gene.
  • Aside from the color itself, there are no differences in the dogs.
  • Two sets of genes, not one, control a Lab's coloration.
  • Bored Labradors may bark, but excessive barking is not generally typical.
  • Labs love to be with people.
  • Labs are energetic and enjoy being active, playing games, and participating in activities as simple as fetch.
  • Both sexes make good pets.
  • Labs are not shy or nervous dogs, which means they are usually not afraid of things.
  • Labs love to put things in their mouths!
  • These dogs are very independent, which means that sometimes Labs want to do things their own way.
  • Training should start early.

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